#SELFUR was born in 2015 as a project of Flora Foltz and Thomas Sambo.
The idea of creating a new type of parka came after a trip of Flora Foltz in the U.S.A. where she observed the special military uniforms and from Thomas Sambo who had been fascinated
by the voluminous and comfortable fur seen in Russia.
When they’re returned to Milano discussed to combine comfort with an aggressive style as the military,the result is the collection of #SELFUR.
Flora Foltz and Thomas Sambo, however, were in mutual agreement to create a collection with an innovative design but without killing other animals for fur.
#SELFUR parkas are created with high quality fur, but taken from clothes never sold that fill the stores of furs.
The restyling of these parkas adapting to new and modern models and following market trends,
are very important for us because we follow the entire production chain from creation to delivery.

rs that are been used already unfortunately but in every regenerated ones in new parka.

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