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The designer Flora Foltz, born in Venice by a French family, had an academic education at the Academy of the luxury Milan, where he graduated as a fashion designer Flora Foltz and passionate of art and fashion, likely legacy of the mother, but also photography, design. The latter has the depth during his stay in Milan where he has to confront a reality subway and dynamic. A designer very attentive to new market trends, skilled cool hunter and discreet creative. A mix that make it very competitive in the challenges. She is also interested in the whole chain of production but also the scope management and advertising.


The stylist Thomas Sambo, born in Venice from a family with German origins, he finished his studies of Art of Material of Goldsmith in the Art Institute of his hometown and obtained his degree in Jewels Design in the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan. Afterwards he had the chance to be followed by local goldsmith masters from whom he inherited the passion for artisanship. He’s very attentive to the productive chain; in fact he’s personally in charge of the whole process, starting from the selection of the materials, to the finishing. In 2015, he begun with Flora Foltz,the journey to create a new brand of fashion, #SELFUR precisely where he’s can try inherited fashion experience absorbed in academic time.

20160121081359Marie Foltz was born in France to one of the Loire castles, Château Moncontour. Descending from a family of artists, she grew up among the art works of great-grandfather, the famous painter and sculptor Nabis “Georges Lacombe”. Marie Foltz inherited the creative mind, she has learned through some courses the art of tailoring and then worked in the fashion industry for several years. Her passion for art and fashion has passed to his daughter Flora, therefore has supported from the beginning the concept of #SELFUR. Fascinated by the concept that #SELFUR want to express, that combination of military style with reused fur restyle in a modern key, she want invested for the first creation of the brand.

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